Top 7 Tips to Plan a Summer Vacation in Bahrain on a Budget

Top 7 Tips to Plan a Summer Vacation in Bahrain on a Budget

Being a traveller and exploring the world is a dream of many, though not all get to accomplish this fantasy. Experiencing cultures, cuisines and entertainment of any country is available to a select few, due to the financial constraints many find themselves in. Continue reading

Top Sri Lankan Tourist Destinations that don’t break your wallet


With so much to offer to tourists, Sri Lanka has the most affordable touring destinations. It is usually uncrowded. If you have a Sri Lankan visa, then it is time you dropped by and explore the most amazing tourist destinations at pocket-friendly prices. Here are some of these low-cost beautiful places to tour in Sri Lanka: Continue reading

Tour Australian Ghost Towns with Your 4×4

Tour Australian Ghost Towns with Your 4x4So you bought a brand new four wheel drive and you are eager to test its abilities somewhere? If you happen to live in Australia, we might just have a real treat for you. Touring Australian outback spells great adventure right from the start, but how about spicing things up by revisiting some long gone parts of the history of this great nation?

Australia have always seemed like a paradise for fortune seekers from all around the world, who came in thousands to “the promised land” in order to start a new, better life. Unfortunately, the promises were often broken, especially in the past, while the country was still new and sometimes very hostile towards the newcomers. Continue reading

Budgeted Cuisines In New York to Dine

New york cuisineNew York has myriad restaurants, most of them in their top class. However, there are places one can enjoy a budgeted cuisine and come out with a full stomach. As is the norm in most prominent cities around the world, even the elite of chefs will settle for a good deal when it comes to a meal, but want to come out of the restaurant full. With your budget, here are some the reasonably priced cuisines you can find in New York. Continue reading