Las Vegas – combination of romantic and entertainment

Wedding and honeymoon are two things that cannot separate no matter what happen. Some of us are prefer to enjoy their honeymoon at tropical island. Some of them are prefer to enjoy it at city. But one of the best place to enjoy a honeymoon is Las Vegas.

 Las Vegas is the most populous city in the U.S state of Nevada. Having a nickname Sin City, it also known as the country of Clark County. Las Vegas also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World with a population about 583756. It is internationally renowned major resort city for shopping, wedding, honeymoon and fine dining.

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Ten Documents Before Travel

When we pack up for travel, the first thing we think to pack up is our clothes. We never think to pack up our document that very important for us while travel. Actually, the document is very important for us. It is very important to our safety. Without document, we may enter the country illegally and I may cause us a lot of trouble if we get caught. Before you travel, make sure you have these document first: Continue reading

The World’s Best Places to Watch the Sunset

The World’s Best Places to Watch the SunsetPeople tend to treasure special moments in their memory. These are responsible for giving us strength to proceed with our ordinary activities in life. It’s the same Sun which sets on the horizon every day whether you are watching it from your office or you are at ‘the end of the world’. Continue reading

Tasting the Mediterranean Culture

Mediterranean Cuisine

If you ever spent a summer on the Mediterranean coast, you’re familiar with all the yummy dishes and mouth-watering delicacies the local cuisine has to offer. But what is the Mediterranean cuisine actually? What are the most common ingredients and dishes usually prepared in the Mediterranean? How beneficial for your health is this diet and what should you expect taste-wise if you decide to take the plunge and try the traditional meals in Spain and Italy? Well, we have some answers right here, so keep reading. Continue reading