How to Pack Your Bag Before Leave

How to Pack Your Bag Before Leave

Most of us, before travel, we well pack all our stuff into a lot of bags. Normally, we will pack about two to three bags. One bag for our stuff like hair dryer, toiletries travel books etc. But do you know there is ten steps to pack your luggage?

1-What To Pack?

Before you pack up, you should know what bring for your trip. Most of us will think what to bring and put it inside the bag without arrange it. Before you pack, open your suitcase and think what you think will fit for your trip. Example, if you want to travel to beach, you should think what to bring to the beach like trunk, swimming suit etc. Put aside the clothes that you decided to wear it on the plane or car.


2-How to pack up?

After you know what will fit for your trip, start to arrange it. Place the heaviest items on the bottom of your bag like shoes, toiletries, travel alarm, hair dryer, etc. It is because the bottom of the bad are holds by steels. For the small stuff like socks or other small items, put them into the shoes.

For the items that easy to wrinkle, pack it woven.  You can pack it into a folder which is also functions as a divider between heavy items and delicate items. It will avoid your clothes from wrinkle. If it wrinkle, you only have to iron it a little.

Lay long your pants, dresses or any long items. Lay it horizontally across the bag. Leave the excess length hanging over the side. It up to you to arrange it which one is first or second. But, lay it horizontally. Example, place the first item to the right or left side of your bag, and put the second item on the first item and lay it opposite direction, alternating direction each other.

If you are planning to travel to Europe, you will need to bring your blazer. Fold your blazer facedown into the bag. Place the arms on top and make sure not to fold through the shoulder padding. Place your blazer and let the excess length hangs over the front edge of your bag.

Pick your t-shirts, polo shirts, pajamas and other items, such as underwear, that are unlikely to wrinkle and roll it up. Roll it and make it look like a stick and place them on top of your blazer. Tuck in also any remaining small items like belts, ties, and accessory into any unfilled space of your bag. Fold the items that hanging over the side of your bag into the center. Fold it alternating from left to right until they are all in the bag. For the excess length of your  blazer, fold it up on top.

Use your bag’s compression straps and gently cinch down you clothes to compress it, smoothing as you go to ensure there are no wrinkles. The compression strap will prevent your items from shifting. Despite your best efforts,  when you unpack your bag, you will discover some unsightly wrinkles. If you don’t have an iron, go to the toilet and turn on the shower. Set the water to hot and hang your item nearby. The steams of hot water will makes the wrinkles disappear.

This steps is the easiest and quick way to pack your items. Maybe some of us have their own method to pack their stuff. But it up to your choice. Anyway, have fun on your trip…

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