Safety Tips for Traveller Before Leave

Crimes are always everywhere and does not know who is the victim. Crime can be happen at home or while travel. It can be in the day or in the night. Safety is one of the most important things in our life. Even for traveller, they also can involve in crime or be the victims of crime. Most travellers are vulnerable to be pickpocket victim or robbery. Maybe some tips may be very useful for you to avoid yourself from be victims of crime.


Before you leave for your trip, make sure your luggage are covered or tied by a rope or luggage belt. Please also lock your luggage with security lock to avoid the thief from open your luggage. You should use covered luggage tags and write down your name and your phone number only. Do not write down at the tags your home address. Just write your destination address or your company’s address.

For your personal documents, make at least two copies of your passport ID page, your airline tickets, driver’s license and credit cards. Leave one copy with your family or your trusted friend. While another copy, keep it in a separate place. Do not put it with your originals documents. Put it in your small luggage that you bring it into the flight. Put your original documents in you small bag that you carry all the time wherever you go.

For some travellers, they will have 4 or 5 credit cards every trip. This may be dangerous and the risk to be robbed is high. For your safety, bring only 1 or 3 credit cards on your trip. Keep one of your credit cards on your wallet and other two; keep it in a safe place. Use 1 or 2 credit cards as your major credit cards while the other one as your back up. Make sure in the back up credit cards, you have enough money to get yourself a flight ticket and some money to pay the hotel, food and transport.

If you can’t afford anything to lose, do not bring it on your trip. Bring with you a small flashlight in your bag for nighttime arrivals and navigating unfamiliar surroundings. Keep in the bag some medicine like Panadol or some ointment.



Some case happen when a woman lost her handbag. While en route, you must keep your luggage with you and make sure it is under your control until you check in. You also should avoid wearing or carrying anything that projects wealth. Do not bring any plants while on your trip because it is illegal.



At the airport, before you take your luggage, always keep all of your documents together. Secure it and make sure it is ready. If you bring with you some liquids item, follow the 3-1-1 rule. You can bring 3 oz.-sized containers in 1 quart sized-bags per 1 traveler.

Do not put your purses or wallet in the first. Place it in the last bin you use and do not let it out of your sight until it disappears onto the security conveyed belt. To speed up through airport security check, do not wear anything metal except your jeans trouser. You also should wear comfortable easy on/easy off shoes.

After you take your luggage, keep your personal document’s bag with you at all the time. If you want to go to the toilet, please ask officer who work at the information counter to keep an eye on your luggage.

These tips may very useful to avoid you from being rob. It is because some robber are expect the traveller and foreign student are very rich. For your safety, you should take some security action to keep yourself safe. Have fun and be safe on your journey.



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