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Sometimes you need to take a break from the daily routine and take a breather by taking a vacation. However, when a vacation is mentioned, one automatically thinks of the amount of money needed for a vacation. But that is not necessarily mandatory; it is possible to take a great vacation for an affordable price, even cheaper than you would anticipate.

Turkey is one of those countries mostly preferred by European tourists due to the similarity in demeanor in both places- modern with a traditional touch of sophistication. However, the country is quickly becoming a hub for American tourists too mostly because its economy largely favours the value of the dollar. The place is therefore a great spot for the one who consider to take a vacation at an affordable price.

Low-cost destinations in Turkey

Cruise holiday
if you are looking for a way to have fun while spending as little as possible, then water is your best friend. There are hundreds of yachts, boats and ferries along Istanbul characterized by International fleets and cruise lines between the coast line and the islands of Kos, Rhodes and Chios. They offer yacht charters and rent them out at very cheap prices and it would be even more economical if you went in a small group that would occupy the entire boat/yacht. Additionally, with such an offer you would not have to spend money in a hotel room or overpriced restaurants. At night, you may visit Mykonos Island for some good affordable and clubbing.

Mt. Nemrut
This Mountain with a prehistoric shrine and looking out to the Euphrates is a great place to meditate. It also has a rich cultural background involving King Antiochus and the gods where they are believed to be buried. Considering you only have to climb it, it is another great way of exploring Turkey without using too much money.

Vacations To Turkey

Blue mosque
you wouldn’t have quite visited Turkey if you didn’t get to see the Blue Mosque, also reefed to as Sultan Ahmet Camii. It is the most popular mosque in Istanbul and boasts of beautiful ancient décor with some outstanding unique architecture. It is also located right in the middle of the city hence easy to trace. It does not charge too much entry fee yet it delivers the Turkey experience to the last drop.

The Grand Bazaar 
After visiting the Blue Mosque, right outside is the Grand Bazaar market which is also one of the largest in the world. It is a good way to end your vacation as items sold here range from traditional shops, jewellery, painted ceramics, spices, furniture among others. There is a lot of bargaining characterizing the market and some more sights of the great ancient Istanbul to look at.

You may decide to hike the area of Goreme to Uchisar so as to view the ancient Pigeon Valley. There are amazing sites to see on the way including caves, cliffs, rocks and underground tunnels. Also there is the more popular hot air balloon option which gives you a great view of Cappadocia landscape.

Turkey offers this incredible combination of ancient and religious atmosphere that is quite alluring yet very affordable-from the attractions to the food. The Turkish visas are also quite reasonably priced making for a fascinating but inexpensive vacation.

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