Seven Tips To Choose Airline

Now people love to travel by airplane rather than cruising by ship. It is because travelling with airplane are faster and comfortable. But, in order to choose the airplane, there are a few useful tips that may help you in order to buy a suitable airplane following your taste.


Buy your ticket about one month or two month before you leave. It is because getting an early ticket is cheap. Purchasing the ticket with sudden is very expensive. Normally, there is a few of airline companies sell the promo ticket one or two month before the departure date.


Avoid buying ticket at high seasons. High seasons means school holiday, festival holiday, and end year holidays or long weekend. Normally, the price of ticket are very expensive and you will be hard to get a suitable seat for yourself


Normally, the ticket’s price divided to two classes, First Class or Business Class and Economy Class. In Economy Class, there is a few sub class. Try to ask for the sub class at promo price. But these class never sell at the high seasons.


You can buy your ticket at airline agent or travel agent. With today’s technologies, you can check the price via online and the possibility of open seats by real-time. And the travel agent can get you cheaper price than buying from the airline agent. Most important, you can trust the travel agent.


Beware of your personal data before you book your ticket. Make sure your name at the ticket or your itinerary are same with your passport. Please also check your destination, and departure time. If the name at your itinerary and your passport different, please notify to your agent of your airline agent to make the correction.


Check your allowed luggage weight. Some airline are different their luggage weight. Some of them are allow about 15 to 25 kilograms cargo luggage and some of them offer to 60 kilograms. If your luggage heavier that allowed weight, you have to pay for the extra weight and that will hurt your wallet.


Come to the airport earlier. Normally you can come to airport two hours before departure time. Show to him your ticket and he will arrange your seat. Check in early can get you the best seat. In the same time, you don’t have to line up to check in.

Many traveller will ignore these simple tips. However, these simple tips can help you to get yourself the best airline ticket to travel. With smart choice, you will make your trip more fun and more sensation. Have a nice trip and get yourself the best airline before you travel.



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