Ten Documents Before Travel

When we pack up for travel, the first thing we think to pack up is our clothes. We never think to pack up our document that very important for us while travel. Actually, the document is very important for us. It is very important to our safety. Without document, we may enter the country illegally and I may cause us a lot of trouble if we get caught. Before you travel, make sure you have these document first:


Passport is an important item for each traveler before they go to travel. Ensure your passport is valid at least six month before you leave for a trip. If your passport expired, please renew it before you leave for the trip. Please check the requirements before you leave and make sure you have a photocopies of your front page passport and entry visa.



                Applying for visas can take time, so please check the requirements for the country you want to go in advance. You can get visa extensions but sometimes it is easier to leave the country and come back with a new visa. The visa that you get at the airport is a visiting visa and it may expired after one month or six month, depends on the country’s law. Take extra passport-sized photos for any additional visas if you need. Always carry the photocopy of your visa in your small bag.



Make sure you have your ticket with you before you go. You can travel via train or plane. Some of us will buy a return ticket. It is easier for you if you want to travel with small budget. But if you plan to stay on the country for a long time, one way ticket may be efficient for you. So please check your ticket before you go.



If you have an insurance, bring it with you. Before you go, take the travel insurance information you’ll need before you go. You can make a claim while travelling, such as the company’s claims telephone number, and a checklist of things you may need to provide when calling. Please bring the insurance card to make sure your safety and health before travel.


5-Contact Information

Make sure you have the emergency enforcement number in your mobile or on the paper. You may need a contact of your friends, numbers to contact if you lose your things and need to cancel services or get replacement to send to you. Make sure you have the police number or law enforcement number like 911, your friend number or address, hotels or lodging numbers, and embassies or consulates numbers. Save it in your phone or make copies on the paper or small book.

Travelling is fun and full of experience. So please you have these thing before you go to travel. Without a complete document, it may put you in trouble. Enjoy your trip and have fun…



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