Toiletry, Still have A Problem?

Before travel, most of us will have a trouble to pack their toiletries. Some of us may pack unnecessary thing. Some of us may pack something that potential for spills and it will add frustration to the airport boarding process. Packing unnecessary toiletry kit may have us a lot of trouble of missing, and forget any of important thing. The question is how to pack a perfect toiletry kit?


You need to choose your style. There are many styles in packing the toiletry kit. From the classic dopp style one-compartment bag, to high-tech hanging bag. The perfect toiletry will optimized to hold your every traveling need. You can choose simple and important style or exclusive style. For me, I prefer simple and important style because they are handy and easy.



Decide the type of your travel. If you travel and planning to stay at nice hotel, you are likely to encounter sample sized shampoos and soaps. It can save you from carry a large stash of toiletry. If you traveling in budget style or visiting a developing countries, you need to pack something simple and important. It can invest in some sample sized, leak proof bottles and easy to find.


This is the simple and important style of toiletry kit:



-First aid kit (contains some medical plaster, medicine and bandage)

-Shampoo (Small sized bottle)

-Pocket mirror

-Quick dry travel towel


The simple and important style can save a lot of space if you are lack of space in your luggage. However, if you don’t want this style, you can use the exclusive style:

-Hand soap
-Moisturizer (especially key because of the dry air in airplane compartments)
-Pre-Moistened toilettes
-Travel sized package of tissues
-Pocket mirror
-Comb or small hairbrush
-First aid kit
-Quick drying travel towel

There are some extra items that you can decide to bring it or not. It is up to your decision to make it:

-Eyeglass repair kit
-Blister kit
-Laundry kit
-Water purification tablets
-Manicure set
-Hand sanitizer

About the medications, always pack the prescription medications in the original case with your prescription information. You also must bring an additional copy of your prescriptions in separate bag in case they go missing.

Most airports have modern security check. So, your liquid item will be limited. For your toiletries, if there are liquids please bring in in smaller containers small than 3oz. and it all contained in one quart sized transparent plastic bag. It also included gel such as hair gel, lip-gloss, deodorant, perfume and chap sticks. There are also limitations on other objects that you may carry on and check in. Please check the latest TSA guidelines before you leave to the airport. Please take a note that the guidelines and procedures can vary in other parts of world. It also different between airport-to-airport and airline-to-airline.

Packing a perfect toiletry may help you to enjoy your holiday. So think before you pack to make sure you holiday are full of fun and rich the content.



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