Top 7 Tips to Plan a Summer Vacation in Bahrain on a Budget

Top 7 Tips to Plan a Summer Vacation in Bahrain on a Budget

Being a traveller and exploring the world is a dream of many, though not all get to accomplish this fantasy. Experiencing cultures, cuisines and entertainment of any country is available to a select few, due to the financial constraints many find themselves in.

Fortunately, such riveting trips can still be accomplished due to various budget trips available. A holiday does not necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. There are wonderful budget friendly packages in order to have a good time.When vacationing in Bahrain, such budgets concerning hotel, entertainment and food are all part and parcel of a financially friendly holiday, without taking shortcuts.

The following are top tips when holidaying in Bahrain on a budget:

Select a Budget Hotel to Save on Costs

• Staying at a budget friendly hotel doesn’t mean the service or quality of the stay is inferior to that of a higher rated one. Most reputable economically friendly hotels still offer high rated service as well as a very welcoming and hospitable temperament from its employees
• A mid-range budget costing for lodgings in the country can range from $20-$80
• Various hotels on offer which are friendly on the pocket include: Golden Tulip Hotel, Atlas Hotel and the Awal Hotel

Low Cost Entertainment

• Bahrain offers much to do during the day, including sight-seeing, shopping and enjoying the beach. Night options include visiting nightclubs, pubs or enjoying a dinner in a lovely restaurant.
• Many museums and other attractions are available with little to no cost for entry. If there is an entrance fee required it may be as little as 1-2 Dinars ($2.50-$5)
• There are various nightclubs and bars suiting a budget holiday. Bahrain’s nightlife is much cheaper when compared to that of Dubai or even other Asian countries. Night club fees vary around the 1-2 Dinar ($2.50-$5) mark. The Warbler is a popular hotspot where a fee of $6.60 on ladies night allows the ladies free drinks all night!
• Such clubs/bars include: Romance Bar (Panarama Hotel), Bollywood Café (Ramee Intl Hotel) and The Rugby Club



• cheap eats are aplenty in the country, ranging from $5-$7 a meal
• many eateries offer huge portions at a small cost, the saying goes, dining out on a dinar
• Examples of restaurants offering quality but affordable food include: Baghdad Restaurant, Lebanese Restaurant, Happy Yemen and Fouaal Ranoosh.
• These eateries also allow you to experience various Arab cuisines that make up the Middle East

Low Cost Flights

• various airlines offer low cost flights to Bahrain. It’s worth conducting some research to find one that meets all your requirements
• Several airlines such as Gulf Air, Qatar Airways and Saudi Air all offer affordable flights to Bahrain
• European airlines include Air France and British Airways
• If booking independently try to receive an overview of the costs for fare through the many online websites available such as
• The lowest fare available at the time of research ranges from $655-$800 depending on which airline is selected and if it’s a direct flight or not

Travel Packages

• Many travel agents offer great packaged deals helping to save on costs
• Such deals include: accommodation, flights, airport taxes and in some cases breakfast or dinner
• There are options to travel with a guided tour, where operators also receive lower costs for entrance fees to certain tourist sight-seeing spots
• Group travel also works out cheaper as many costs are split
• Flight and hotel deals vary from about $700-$1000 dollars, depending on the number of nights

Travelling and Touring within Bahrain

• There are many modes of transport available for tourists visiting the country. These include, private car hire, taxi’s or bus
• the bus option is the cheapest mode of transport, many locals use it too. Fares range from 200-300 fils ( USD 50c-80c)
• Being a smaller island when compared to other gulf countries, walking in order to sight see is also a money saving option


• There is a local souk and market for cheaper shopping options. Allowing you to indulge without feeling guilty. Bargaining is advisable for working out a better price on most items sold at the souk. Bargaining allows you to save around $50-$80 a day
• the souk houses crafted tailors that can replicate any design of a clothing item you wish to copy. This is done at a fraction of the cost of many designer pieces of clothing

Bahrain may sound as an expensive city to visit, but if you understand the know-how of planning a successful budget holiday, then there is no excuse to enjoy everything it has to offer.

A Bahrain Visa is required for entrance into the country, whether it be for business or pleasure. Make sure your application is successful before planning a holiday to avoid major disappointment.

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