Travel Tips To Explore BALI In 5 Days

The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali, just hearing that evokes thoughts and images of beautiful beaches. The place is also known as the Island of the Gods, when you see the majestic landscape of this beautiful island you will not question why it was given this name.

The large diversity of places to visit on this island might be a little overwhelming. Bali has impressive rocky coastlines as well as tranquil sandy beaches. Even areas untouched by civilization.

To make sure that your stay in Bali will be an unforgettable experience, we have prepared a guide to explore Bali in 5 days. For more information or other travel options please contact us easyjet.

Day 1

If you are the adventurous type, I would highly recommend visiting the Mandala WisataWanaraWana temples. This rural and dense jungle area has a group of monkeys that are permanent residents at the temple.

To end your day in a more relaxed fashion, head over to Kuta Beach where you can find beautiful white-sandy beaches and many choices of restaurants.

Day 2

A great way of getting to know the Balinese culture is by visiting the traditional puppet theatre. Bali Wayang is offered at different venues and also available at any time of the day. The kids will certainly enjoy this.

Art lovers should also try to visit the Antonio Blanco Museum. The museum used to be the home of Antonio Blanco an eccentric Filipino-American artist. The house is built in a Spanish style and the house holds many of the artist’s paintings.

Day 3

To get a view of traditional Balinese architecture, you should visit the Taman Ayun Temple. This temple was built in 1634 and it holds Royal family’s ancestral shine and it was also known as the main temple during the ancient kingdom era.

Also visit the Bali Orchid Garden, A beautiful garden thriving with orchids. The rich volcanic soil contribute to the beauty of the orchids and are certainly worth a visit

Day 4

Another museum worthy of your visit is the Ubud museum, which exhibits the Balinese painting of “Purl Laksan”. The whole area of Ubud is catered to art lovers.

GunungBatur, is an active volcano with a height of about 1700 meters.

Day 5

If you were traveling with children, then it would be a great idea to visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Just the thought of being able to ride a camel or elephant will have your children excited.

Bali also has a very beautiful coral reef perfect for divers. You should definitely visit West Bali National Park and take a quick dip.

With all the strenuous activities, you should also make time to pamper yourself; after all you are on vacation. Make time to go to a spa while you are in Bali. The spa at Ayana is worthy of a high recommendation but it does come with a high price tag. But I can guarantee you that the service is world class.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t hesitate to contact us easyjet for more travel tips and recommendations.



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