The World’s Best Places to Watch the Sunset

The World’s Best Places to Watch the SunsetPeople tend to treasure special moments in their memory. These are responsible for giving us strength to proceed with our ordinary activities in life. It’s the same Sun which sets on the horizon every day whether you are watching it from your office or you are at ‘the end of the world’. Unfortunately, people forget to notice things when they have too many worries upon their heads, so they really need to take a break, give themselves some rest, and go somewhere where the Sun looks different. And it is the truth; it really looks gorgeous at some of the following locations around the world.

Santorini (Greece)Santorini (Greece)

In the land of ancient wisdom where lived Aesop, Plato, Socrates, Hippocrates, and many others, there is a town so majestic and mysterious that it will take your breath away. Once upon a time, a volcano exploded leaving a giant hole in the ground which filled with water over time. On the very edge of the sharp cliffs created after explosion, is now placed Santorini, one of the famous ports in Aegean Sea (Southeastern Mediterranean). If you have one wish left from the Genie, wish for a chance to see the sunset in Santorini – worth a wish.

Stonehenge (England)Stonehenge (England)

So many unanswered and intriguing questions concerning those big rocks: Who put them here and why? What is their purpose? How did they manage to build it without the help of modern machines? But the real question is: isn’t it enough for a man to see how beautiful the Sun is as it sets behind the ancient rocks? Who knows, maybe when we find the pleasure in our lives from just a simple moments like this, with time, we will remember how to raise a rock using only our joy and faith.

Koh Samui (Thailand)Koh Samui (Thailand)

Perhaps you like to be alone at the beach, leaned back, hidden in the shade of a palm or a coconut tree and watching the sunset on the horizon? Koh Samui in Thailand might be your dream island for this exotic experience. Who knows, maybe you fall in love with this world while enjoying cocktails on white, sandy beaches, eating delicious food and fishing; and wish to build your own house and stay here for a while. Isn’t it a wonderful ending of the simple vacation?

Taj Mahal (India)Taj Mahal (India)

If you are one of those romantic souls, still believing in fairy tales, then there’s no better place for you to watch the sunset than near the greatest palace of all – Taj Mahal. And guess what – it won’t vanish over the night carried away by magic wind. It will be there tomorrow, waiting for you to come again. In a meantime, take care the person you love.

Enrich your life, experience something new because if you are used to something it does not have to mean that it’s the best. Travel the world and find the place where sunset looks best.



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