Top Sri Lankan Tourist Destinations that don’t break your wallet


With so much to offer to tourists, Sri Lanka has the most affordable touring destinations. It is usually uncrowded. If you have a Sri Lankan visa, then it is time you dropped by and explore the most amazing tourist destinations at pocket-friendly prices. Here are some of these low-cost beautiful places to tour in Sri Lanka:


Mostly renowned for its well-conserved ruins of civilization of old Lanka, this was the capital city of Sri Lanka for three good centuries. It is a sanctified place to the Buddhists and is environed by religious residence extending a very large space of more than 40 square kilometres. It is also important in the history of the Hindu people as it was the legendary capital of Ravana the king of Asura in Ramayana. It charges a normal fee of 3250LKR {USD25}

Adams peak

This tall cone-shaped mountain is found in the central part of Sri Lanka and is 7359 foot high. It is highly renowned for the sanctified footprint. This is a rock shaping 1.8 meters found near the peak of the mountain, which is believed to be Buddha’s footprint in the Buddhist customs, Shiva’s footprint in the Hindu tradition and Adam’s footprint in the Muslim tradition. It charges a fee of 3250LKR {USD25}.

Arugam Bay

This tourist destination is famous for surfing and is located in the dry part of southeast coast Sri Lanka. Many tourists tour this area to enjoy kite surfing and also due to its low prices. It charges a fee of between 3000LKR and 4000LKR.

Bundala National park

It charges close to £0 entrance fee. This is an amazing touring destination for wildlife lovers with a protected area of coastal land saturated with water where aquatic animals and birds are based. Visitors also tour the park to see animals like elephants, crocodiles, leopards, turtles, flamingos and much more. This is a good place to visit and enjoy. It charges a normal fee of 1300LKR {USD 10}.


This was the capital city of Sri Lanka after Anuradhapura serving for two centuries from 11th century to 13th century. Polonnaruwa offers so much to the tourists too starting from the Polonnaruwa museum, the Quadrangle famous for its cluster of shrines as well as the Minneriya and Kaudulla national parks popularly known for Sri Lanka’s fabled elephants. It charges a normal fee of 3250LKR {USD25}.

The lion rock

This is among the most outstanding natural cusps in Sri Lanka. This rock has been a home to many settlers for many years. It is popularly renowned for its ancient artwork, which looks very alike as that of Ajanta caves in the Asia. A normal fee of 3900LKR {USD30}.


This delicate old monument is situated on the southern part of Sri Lanka. It has a layout of lovely embellished cave temples belonging to the ancient times, which are formed by carving out of wings of an outcropping rock. A fee of 650LKR {USD5}.

Horton plains national park

This the one beautiful national park in Sri Lanka in which its scenery is more amazing than the wildlife. It is bordered by Totapola and Kirigalpotta, which are the second and third-tallest mountains in the entire Sri Lanka. It offers an outstanding point of view at the boundary of the hill region where the cliffs fall off below each other’s foundation to the underneath plain zone. A normal fee of 1950LKR {USD15} also a stamp fee of 1000Rs is added.

In spite of its small size, Sri Lanka will never cease to wonder any visitor who visits there. Make a point of visiting this amazing small island state by applying for a Srilankan visa nowand you will enjoy the best adventure at a pocket friendly price.

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